Warning to those changing their Trelleborg Cushyfloat engine/c-drive mounts - make sure you get new studs

Scott SV Tengah

I am in the process of changing my Cushyfloat 17-1609-45 engine and c drive mounts on A54-69. The original studs looked fine and the supplier did not have them in stock, so it was suggested that I could re-use them.

That is not the case. The stud on the original Cushyfloat mounts is M16-1.5 (fine pitch) and the new Cushyfloats are M16-2 (coarse pitch).

It appears that somewhere along the way, Trelleborg changed the pitch, but not the size of the stud. Hope this info saves someone from the frustration I'm experiencing at the moment. 

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah