Why not a Yanmar Engine?

Eric Freedman <kimberlite@...>

Hi James,

I had extremely good luck with my Yanmar 4jh3hte engine . With over 7500 hours I decided I did not want to change it to an electronic engine

I did not have one problem with old the engine..



I went to the local dealer and asked what the cost was to rebuild my engine. He said why not just put a new one in. I said I don’t want an electronic engine. He said you could install a NON ELECTRONIC 4jh4hte or 4jh4hte-1 engine. I believe the -1 is EU approve. If you don’t want 110 Hp the 4jh4 without the intercooler is 85 hp.


It is a marine engine and not a marinized tractor engine.


It went in very easily with a brand-new transmission. I now have over 400 hours on it, and it is working like a champ.

Happy Holidays

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Dear Amelians,

Season’s Greetings!
For various reasons, we’re considering re powering our recently purchased boat - we’ve had quotes for repair of the old Volvo Penta but there’s not much in it vs a new engine. Ideally, we’d have gone with a Betamarine but the lead time on that if ordered now is July (!). We have a year career break, starting in July, and I can foresee that date slipping if we wait for a Beta, and eating into our year off. So we’re looking at other options - a new Volvo or a Yanmar in particular (although would consider alternatives). Any thoughts on which engine from the group?

Thanks v much

Folie a Deux
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Alan Leslie

Eric, I agree.....non-electronic is the way to go.
Nearly all the engine issues on this forum are with Volvo engines with electronic control.
A "normal" old fashioned diesel engine is much easier to keep running and problem solve.
They are simple, mechanical devices and diesel mechanics all over the world understand them.

Elyse SM437