Wind generator on mizzen masthead


I'm considering purchasing and installing the Air
Marine 403 wind generator at the mizzen masthead on our
Sharki. I'd have made up an aluminum plate welded with
the appropriate size tube to support the generator.
Also the plate would be bolted with rubber vibration
isolation 'washers' on the masthead. Has anyone done this?
Any caveats or suggestions?<br>Thanks<br>Rich<br>S/V


Rich, I installed an air marine on my mango mizzen top last spring and it works fine but is noisy especially in the aft cabin. I would not use air marine again. Tom S/V Tempest


Tom,<br>Thanks for your input. I see that their
3rd generation wind generator, the Air X, is being
marketed as more powerful (500 watts max) and quieter.
I'll have to get that confirmed before I would mount
it. Rich