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Paul Villinski

Hello Jer,


I've been looking at your blog for Cerulean in the past couple of months. We are in the market for a Maramu, with guidance from Bill. Your additional pictures are great -- the interior of Cerulean is really beautiful. As is the engine room!


Our search is paused during the pandemic, and while I wait to see how my small business fares/recovers and what the status of my wallet becomes, as my boat money disappeared in the market in the last 6 weeks.... We would also have the matter of sailing the boat from SoCal to NYC, but that is a project I would love to undertake.  I will be following Cerulean until we are in a position to go boat shopping again and wish you good luck with the sale. If it hasn't sold when we take up our search again, I will certainly come see her. We wouldn't even change the name -- I was a painter for a couple of decades (now a sculptor) and cerulean was always a much-loved color on my palette....


Who knows? Maybe we will be approaching some kind of normal sooner than later. Let's hope so. Stay well!




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This is really nice, you should post an update in the Main Group as well.



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Now with more photos!

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