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Robert Lee

Thank you. That’s a lot of miles. Do you live aboard?  Can you tell me more about it and you?  I am thinking about looking for one. Probably in the fall. Have been in touch with both Joel Potter and Bill Rouse. Inonky ever sailed on one from Tortolla to St Martin in the Caribbean. I was bowled over. It wasn’t lithe and responsive like my Beneteau 462.  It was an impregnable tank and I fell in love with the cockpit and the interior. I thought it was brilliant. And below it was dark, and cozy and chocked full of storage and so well designed it felt like an apartment. It had differentiated spaces. You had a sense of “being in the kitchen” when you were in the galley, while on my boat Was open and not “carved out” and there was no sense of moving to “rooms”, and that was terribly satisfying. Also the owner showed me the systems. And the boat was designed for them. There was a place for them. They were not put under beds.  The water dipstick blew me away. The bulkhead helm. The duel motors on the mainsail and headsail. The mizzen being manual (sensible). The ability to dial in a neutral wheel so you were not subjecting your arm and the rudder to large weather helm. I realized with solar cells you could live aboard for the rest of your life and with a diesel heater sail and live at any latitude. 

You can tell I am smitten!

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The 53 was developed over 17 years .I believe it is the best Amel ever built. It is also the last Amel supervised by Captain Amel’s crew. Having sailed kimberlite over 75,000 miles ,there is no other boat I would trade it for.

We have been through a lot of very extreme weather and we have never broken anything. However one time a HUGE wave took the radar antenna off of the mizzen mast.

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I find it interesting that there are way more listings for 54’s than 53’s, despite 53’s being both older and, I assume, much more plentiful..I am guessing that this is an attribute of the boat show hot potato primary market as opposed to the more stable secondary market. But that’s just a guess.

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