Re: AMEL MARAMU years 1985 - 1989/90 #Amel_Wanted


Thank you for your email, 
I am limited with the beam size of 4.0 meter  ( about 13.1 feet)
So thank you 
And all the best

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I would urge you to consider my Amel for sale even though it is slightly outside your stated parameters. We are selling our 1975 Meltem after 20 years of ownership and upgrades. I have been on Santorins and Maramus owned by sailing friends and consider a Meltem in good condition a far superior vessel. Our Meltem, RODE TRIP, is in Bristol condition and mechanically has 20-30 years of future life. It is on the hard in southern France this winter.

The equipment list is extensive and I would be happy to send it along with photos. The asking price is €92,000. If you are interested I also urge you to contact the broker, Michel Charpentier who is the resident expert in Mediterranean France regarding used Amels. Google him in St Raphael.

bill reilly

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I would like to buy AMEL MARAMU years 1985 - 1989/90,
That is in very good maintained ,equipped and upgraded for long trip.
without damages and/or weather hazard.
I will consider any recommendation from you to Amel Santorin ( After year 1994).
Hope all of you will help me to find the right one :-)

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