Maramu 162 for sale #Amel_For_Sale

smiles bernard


After some fabulous years sailing the high seas on our beautiful Maramu, we have decided to put her up for sale.  

She is 1985 vintage and has carried my family in safety, comfort and style on extended cruising adventures. 

She is a wonderful boat with impeccable manners
and has become very much part of the family but it is now time for us to focus on other things, for a while at least.  

Ashore in Plymouth UK and ready to go anywhere. 

All the very best


Sander de Hoogh <s.dehoogh@...>

Hi Miles,

Would be great to learn more about your Maramu. Can we find information anywhere?

Kind regards

smiles bernard

Just to update with a few details 
scant at the moment but the broker will hopefully get that sorted soon

Also a few pics of our own

All the very best